Change Videobridge Secret during/after installation

Dear Jitsi Team,
thanks for developing and maintaining that awesome software.

Is it possible to set a custom password for the Jitsi Videobridge during or after the installation? I am talking about the one defined here: (JVB_SECRET in config and org.jitsi.videobridge.xmpp.user.shard.PASSWORD in

Changing the password in there is of course no problem but then the authorization towards jicofo/prosody seems to fail.

What can I do to set that new password to the other services or specify that password during the installation of jitsi?

Thanks a lot,

It is needed to change also in prosody database. hashed value is in /var/lib/prosody/auth*/accounts/jvb.dat

prosodyctl unregister jvb auth.<YOUR-DOMAIN>
prosodyctl register jvb auth.<YOUR-DOMAIN> <NEW-PASSWORD>

Hi @emrah,
thats exactly what I needed. Thanks a lot!