Change URL for user to download the desktop sharing extension


hello, i’m new to jitsi, here’s my problem,
I already configure my jitsi server so it can handle the desktop sharing, but we do not expose the extension on the chrome store. so we want to provide a download link for our users to download the extension.

When user (has not install the extension yet) click the desktop sharing button, it will show a pop up like this:

i want to change the url(and also the text) of the button. where can i edit this?



This is the code that opens the dialog and set the title:

By the way since chrome 72, you no longer need an extension, this is available in the latest stable release.


ok now, where can i edit this dialog function(‘dialog.goToStore’, ‘dialog.externalInstallationMsg’, etc…)? *sry, i’m newby in js :stuck_out_tongue:

nice, i can give this info to our user on the dialog.


You need to download the source code, edit the js files, build and deploy the changed version. Everything should be described:

No, you cannot. You will not see the dialog at all, desktop sharing will just work.


already :slight_smile: is that on react folder?


There, in this file ^