Change UDP port 10000 to port range

Good morning community.

We are facing some issues related to corporate firewalls who blocks UDP port used by videobridge. In order to avoid this and having to enable a turn server, we decided to use Microsoft Teams UDP ports (3478-3481) who is more widely used and could be opened in such restricted firewalls.

We know that this can be change with the following config:


But if we want to use a port range ( 3478-3481) which is the proper way to do it?

Thank you.

The bridge uses only one port to listen for connections and receives data on that single port. So you don’t need a range.

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Thank you @damencho and sorry for ignoring that. I have read some docs that say jvb uses a port range between port 10000 and 20000, but I guess they must be out of date.


@alan_tulais yes that used to be the case. Which doc was this? I can try and update it.

Most topics I found look old. Maybe some of these can be archived?

Ha, that’s very clever.