Change the main URL/Room creation page to be on secret URL

Is there a simple way to hide the main jitsi page ( where you can create rooms) to a secret URL e.g.

and in the same time the rooms like - ( room that has been created with teh secret URL to still work fine)

Could you disable the meeting name generation function on the front page? Would that work for you?

(I’m not sure what it solves though.)

The issue that I’m trying to solve is :slight_smile:

I’ve installed the Jitsi on a computer facing the internet - and everyone who knows the IP can connect to por t80/443 create a room and start to use my server… I want this to be prevented… e.g. only people who already know the room names to be able to use the service and in the same I do need a way to create rooms also :slight_smile:

I do not need some top notch security - just some basic way to not expose the service to the whole world…

The “secure domain” config prevents anyone from creating a room unless they have a username and password issued by you. Will that be sufficient?

Hiding the start page will do nothing, as anyone can still go to your URL, append the room name of their choice, and it will be created.

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Thank you managed to get all good for my usage…

btw: is there a way to get a list of all currently connected users/connection to a jitsi server ? ( all rooms )