Change the css for video call

Is there any way to set a completely customized css file for the video calls in the jitsi meet server?

Which part u want to change? U can use lib-jitsi-meet api to customise ur UI completely…then there is also iframe api that u can use for embedded in other web page and so on…and if you love jitsi-meet interface so much that u don’t want to abandon it, build from source…

The repository for the UI is You can clone the repository and make changes to the css files in the css directory. You can run the make command in your local copy of jitsi-meet to compile a final css file which gets saved to css/all.css. You can then transfer that file to wherever your local server is looking for css, probably /usr/share/jitsi-meet/css.

Actually… And more exactly I wanted to know if there’s a way to send my customized css in an instance like a Json… That’s because with my work team we’re tryin’ to use different client apps with the same server, but we need to use different sizes for the different web applications we are implementing

That is likely not possible. If you’re using the external api, that functionality is not supported. If you do not have direct control over the deployment the options are more limited (and maybe non-existent).