Change the conference ID to letters and numbers and disable namefield

Good day.

  1. How can I change the meeting ID format?
    At the moment it looks like a WordWordWord, I would like it to be a random sequence of letters and numbers (for example 7k32jjvrq1344234213hcvnn234345345sdfsdfsf )
  2. And also I would like to disable the field for entering the name of the conference and leave only the “create conference” button.
    Clicking this button would create a conference with the ID from the first section. I wish people weren’t able to create conferences with the names “1111, 2222 and so on”

I think the simplest would be to create your own “welcome” page and do that there, then use the external API to embed or redirect to a meeting with your chosen config.

Hi @epigraphe,

I know from your other posts that you have reviewed galaxy. You may do this by creating an ephemeral meeting in the meeting section on galaxy. If the meeting is ephemeral, the room name is created using the format “room-randomhex
e.g. room-624674874c40384dfaaafd2def44a9fa

You may also create invite links for host and guest users by clicking the :key: button of the meeting.

For a quick test, you may use my public galaxy setup which is located at