Change position of the "Remote Control" button as it is difficult to find

Hi Jitsi Meet team! :slight_smile:

We have an important question regarding the “remote control” button available on the electron app of Jitsi Meet.
Many of our users can not easily find the “remote control” button because it is “hidden” in the small video thumbnail on the right sidebar.
We would like to highlight this important button, by placing it, for example, directly in the toolbar of the application (much easier to find and use), or in the general menu of the application.

Could you help us to show us where we need to change the code a bit to have this button directly in the toolbar or menu (if that’s possible)?

Thanks for your support and help !


The toolbar is here: The remote control button was put into the video thumbnail menu though as a way to start the remote control flow with a specific user, so you’ll want to somehow select a user/userId. For example, the current remote control button gets a user Id passed into it.

Thanks for your help!
We only use jitsi meet to connect 2 people (no more). So we don’t really ‘need’ to retrieve userid, just to ‘connect’ with the current user :slight_smile:
So if we want to display the ‘remote control’ button directly on the bottom bar of the application, we can just copy the code of the remote control button and paste it somewhere else?
No more needed?

Thanks for your help!

The thing is : without changing anything on the remote control button functions, it is just possible to just put that button somewhere else in the electron application ? Like just on the general menu, or with an icon on the toobar on the bottom right or bottom left ?

I admit that I don’t know where is the exact code of that “remote button” to just (maybe) copy and paste on the proper file to just add a new button… I searched but I don’t really understand.

It is possible to just tell me what is the code for the button, and where / how i can add that code to the good file to show it on main toolbar (bottom left or bottom right) in the electron application of Jitsi Meet ?

Probably not. This is the logic: You’ll have to figure out if you can get access to variables scoped in the function and/or RemoteVideo instance and call them from the global APP variable. Or run your own version of jitsi-meet and expose those globals is another way to achieve what you want, probably. If you’re using the iframe api you’ll have to modify your external_api files to methods to allow for communicating with remote control as they don’t exist yet. (Edit: example of modifying the external api is Alternatively, execute javascript that clicks on the button through query selectors, but you might encounter cross origin restrictions depending on your setup.

Ok, thanks for your reply. Seems like very difficult to just change the position of that button… :confused:
That function is really important (remote control) and it’s one of the main function used on Jitsi Meet.
Should be really better to have it as a “normal tool button” on the main tool bar.
Many users don’t find it and so then, we have to stop the conference, because we have to explain to all of them where is the button).
Also (I know I ask many thing ! :smiley: ), it would be really nice to have the option, for the person who share the document, to GIVE the control to the other user. By now, the other user need to ASK the control to the first user (the moderator). So it’s sometimes confusing, as the moderator should have that tool on it side, and not the inverse.
Dunno if you plan to change this on a next release ? I think it will give a better “flow” on the conference.


I know of no work currently planned for changing the menu UX for remote control. I’m fairly certain though if enough customers actually complain then it would get prioritized but for now I think yours is the first complaint I’ve heard about it.

I second that request. Currently, Im actually NOT seeing any button to allow for remote control. Are cameras a must in this context? What If I just want to use for screen sharing purposes?