Change position of chatbox

First of all, Thanks for the amazing opensource tool.

Is it possible to configure the position of the jitsi chatbox?

I would like it to go below the video and I cannot able to find any interface configurations for it. Is there any configuration available to do it? If not, How can I change the location of chatbox?

Nope, there is no such feature at the moment.

I think I can build custom chat box and hide default jitsi chatbox using jitsi external API

I know there is an event for incomingMessage which I can use to display the chat messages to user.

I tried videoApi.executeCommand('sendEndpointTextMessage', '', this.message) to send message programmatically, but it does not work. What I find from the discussions on internet that sendEndpointTextMessage is different than the chat messages that we are sending via room chatbox. Is it true?

Is it possible to send message through external API? If no, is there any other way?

of course you can use sendEndpointTextMessage.
check out limits ( I dont remember).
I am using sendEndpointTextMessage to control single session login by sending simple message like ‘logout’, but you can send chat message and show in your custom chatbox