Change port webpack-dev-server?

By default the port used for development is port 8080, how do I change that port?
because port 8080 I also use with colibri for stats

// The base Webpack configuration to bundle the JavaScript artifacts of
// jitsi-meet such as app.bundle.js and external_api.js.
const config = {
devServer: {
https: true,
inline: true,
proxy: {
‘/’: {
bypass: devServerProxyBypass,
secure: false,
target: devServerProxyTarget,
headers: {
‘Host’: new URL(devServerProxyTarget).host

Either modify the devServer config as you posted by adding

port: 8081,

or modify the Makefile’s “dev” rule by changing:



$(WEBPACK_DEV_SERVER) --port 8081


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