Change participant role to moderator

Dear team.

My question is, is it possible to change the participant role through client cide? For example, I would like to add a button that can change selected participant role to moderator. (and return moderator role to participant)

That functionality already exists. In the “…” button on a participant tile you have an option to grant them moderator privileges.

I don’t see this button here.
And in which version of jitsi was this feature added?

I found this button here, does this feature only work through JWT?

You don’t see it because that server is configured to promote everyone to moderator. Since everyone is already moderator, you won’t see the “promote to moderator” button.

You’d see it on for some users because there is distinction between moderator and non-moderator users.

There are many ways to configure your server to conditionally promote users to moderators. JWT-based auth gives you a lot of flexibility but there are other ways too. This post is a good starting point to learn more:

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Thanks, I’ll take a look, also I need to implement a feature that enables the conference lock when the host (the first moderator) leaves. I mean, for example, that the host left the conference, and after that returned, I must set him the role of moderator (host) (and also make sure that other participants don’t change the role to moderator - for example, when the host left the conference , any other participant becomes the host - for me it’s not ok). Maybe you have some ideas?
And is it possible to cancel setting the role to moderator for any other participant ?

As Shawn advised, using JWT authentication gives you that control. Using the native Secure Domain also gives you that level of control.

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Is it possible to disable the change of the role of the moderator to another participant after leaving the conference (when the moderator leaves, a new one is selected automatically)? As far as I understood I have to disable it in jicofo.conf (jicofo/reference.conf at 4e59d6800262601e3de5c36e7dd15ed85fa838b2 · jitsi/jicofo · GitHub)