Change nginx to serve jitsi alongside another page

Hi all.

A friend and I have sat up a jitsi server. We used the Quick Install method and so far jitsi’s alright. However, now we want to host another (non-static) page and specifically we want to change nginx so that jitsi doesn’t use the root address but rather home.address/jitsi. I’m a bit overwhelmed with the nginx configuration that jitsi created, and would really appreciate some pointers.

This is what we have right now:

  • Vanilla jitsi Quick-Install nginx file, with Let’s Encrypt certificate challenge generation.


  • home.address: Jitsi

And this is what we want to change it to:

  • home.address: Static html with links to other pages in the server
  • home.address/jitsi: Jitsi
  • home.address/second_page: Second (non-static) page

Please help. Long nginx files are cryptic to me at the best of times.
And stay safe!

I have the same problem and would be happy to get some help :slight_smile:

Best regards

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