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I have configured Docker jitsi meet on my server and it is running. However, I want to make a few changes to the html code on the call screen, like changing the logo. How can I do that? I don’t see any HTML files in the /usr/share folder, or in the project folder

To change the logo on a regular install
then replace the logo images
and clear the browser cache.

The jitsi-meet webinterface is defined in
when jitsi-meet gets compiled the source files are turned into the libs/
and css/all.css files.

You will need to follow the jitsi-meet development guide in order to compile the jitsi-meet gui

But I don’t have any such folder in /usr/share. I have cloned this repo: and added the configuration folder as instructed in the README

The /usr/share/jitsi-meet files are located on the docker web container:
I think you need to clone and build your own version of this web container that include your logos

Ah, got it now. Thank you so much!

Can I get a lead on your solution? I’m not sure how to build my own version of the web container. My setup is otherwise identical to yours. Docker jitsi meet and it’s running great but I want to change the logo and there’s no jitsi-meet in /usr/share/

If your docker setup is complete, then you will be able to get into the container by using:
docker-compose exec web sh
After that look into the /usr/share folder in the container, the jitsi-meet folder should be there. The static files are inside that folder.
As for changing the logo and stuff, I just copied the jitsi-meet folder to my local machine using docker-cp, and then added the following in docker-compose.yml web volumes section:
./resources/jitsi-meet:/usr/share/jitsi-meet (it is in the resources directory in my local machine)
This will copy all the changes on your local machine to the container, and you can change the logos


When i am ruuning docker cp its giving error sh: 41: docker-cp: not found

could you please help what exactly command did you write for copying to your local and one more thing when i am changing docker-compose.yml i am getting error of permission denied.

Does any one got correct setup for customizing jitsi css files, images and everything with docker jitsi installation… i didn’t find jitsi-meet folder under /usr/share/jitsi-meet.
I just got stuck badly

Hi @Funkenstein
I also didn’t find any jitsi-meet folder under /usr/share/
and did your problem got resolved… because i am facing the same as you…previously if you would have solved, then can you help me please to solve it

Hello did yours resolve?

I couldn’t change the logo after editing all the files in the container, do I have to build it for this?