Change language in iframe

Hi every body
Do we have some options to change language in iframe
I load iframe from my website, in my website some user use Vietnameses and some use English
I want when user who is using Vietnameses enter the meeting room that meeting room will change to Vietnameses and other user who is using English the meeting room will show by English
some people say the code below can change language but look like it not affect when I load iframe from my website
configOverwrite: { defaultLanguage: 'vi'}
Any body can help!
Thank you
p/s I’m using iframe with token

One of the problem is actually the caching tho. You can straight embed the language in the link in the iframe such as :

Then you may try to open your html (or website) in an incognito tab to try whether it works. Change the default language setting won’t help if the browser cached the webpage.

The participant can change their own language in the profile page

I want to set by iframe, not in user profile

let me try it. thank you

do we have solution to change language by javascript not by direct link like this"vi"

Sorry I can’t help you on this. Not an expert of JavaScript. You may implement your own logic for that, cause I don’t think the developer had implemented something similar.

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as I check the language save local stograge on browser, finally I found the way to change the language.

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