Change Jitsi Meet Front Page


Still awake trying to figure out how to change the front page of Jitsi Meet docker instance that I have installed.

I have successfully change the logo and the favicon by mounting those things on my docker-compose.yml file.

The only thing I wish to change is the Jitsi Meet Title on my instance, it is not found on both the config files, as I understand it is on the title.html file inside jitsi docker container? is this right?

If so I have mounted a title.html to the container, (docker-compose.yml) but the title seems to remain the same.

Any help is highly appreciated.

That’s changed in app.bundle.min.js. Not sure where the location is in docker, but that’s the file that houses the title.


It’s alright if you’re not sure about the location in docker, but where it is exactly in a normal ubuntu/debian install? /usr/share/jitsi-meet ? or?

Thanks a lot.

Yes /usr/share/jitsi-meet/libs/app.bundle.min.js

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Found it and it is working!


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