Change Invite URL to another domain

Hello everyone!. We have installed Jitsi successfully on our server and its pointed at yyy domain. Now, I have my business logic in another server say zzz domain. A user creates a new room with the name “XYZ” and invites other users, the invite URL is yyy/XYZ. Now what is to be made is, I need the invite URL to be changed as zzz/XYZ (another server). This is because we have some business logic there and that needs to be done first then on validation it will be redirected to yyy/XYZ. I need these changes to be done in Android, Ios, and Web.


Would also be interested in this!

Why don’t you use Javascript API of domain yyy and use it inside zzz domain. It will run inside zzz domain but video will be running from yyy domain. -

Then how to do it on mobile apps(android and ios).

Any idea on how to achieve the same on android & ios.

Yes you can work on it, via enhancing javascript APIs and upgrading your React Native code to work for Android & iOS

Javascript api’s???,Thanks, but i need for mobile platform not for web platform.
Anyway found the solution.

Can you please share the solution?
I have been working on that part and I couldn’t find anything.

Pooja C

I tried with setFeatureflag on android.
setting invite url in featureflag might work.


You can use setFeatureFlag(String flag, String value).
and retrieve it in jitsi code with getFeatureFlag(state,value);

For example:
setFeatureFlag(“INVITE_URL_CUSTOM”,“need to pass date to jitsi-meet”)

let customData = getFeatureFlag(state,“INVITE_URL_CUSTOM”);

now customData will have the value “need to pass date to jitsi-meet”

Are you hosting your own server or using iFrame on

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