Change invitation email language

Hi, is it possible to change the invitation email (send to share a Meet) language based on the user’s location ? Or potentially, add multiple translations to the invitation email text?

Do you mean the email recipient’s location? I don’t see how that could be possible, no.

If you mean the sender’s location - the language is determined by the setting in the web interface. If you switch the language, your invitation email text will be in the new language.

You can use this to load different settings for the users, depending on their location… but I’m not sure how exactly, it will involve geolocation settings in the servers/clouds etc. I mean it can easily be an overhead config, as it’s very easy to just have “LANG_DETECTION: true” in interface_config.js (I believe it is the default setting) and rely on that. In case it doesn’t work as expected, the user can always manually change the language to his preferred one instead of the default English - and then the invitation emails will be in that new language.

So the user location - no or it will be very complex. User browser/OS language setting detection - yes.