Change "Fellow Jitster" to "Guest User" in ios SDK

How to change “Fellow Jitster” to “Guest User” in ios SDK.

I user following sdk.

You change that in config.js - assuming you’re hosting your own server.

Yes, we are hosting our own server but we need to change it in our ios app. we done it in web but not get affected in native ios app.

Thanks for reply

Oh, for mobile, you’ll need to change it in react (I believe it’s in reducer.js, if I recall correctly).

Does it change when using this: jitsi-meet/config.js at 221ecac12db526cdea1e663834cd8a18b80b8c85 · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub ?

Hey @damencho, at least on Android it does not change when changing that config. the same user is shown as Fellow Jitster on web and whatever the config is on mobile.

Hey Freddie, is there any way to do when using the SDK? Do we have to fork the SDK and build it ourselves?

Yes, you need to change it in the SDK and then compile your customized build.

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