Change "Fellow Jitster" labels on iOS with self hosted Jitsi Meet installation

Does anybody know of a way to change the “Fellow Jitster” label that is referenced throughout the app? We have built an Ionic React app that uses Jitsy Meet for video calls between users. We are looking for a simple way to customise the “Fellow Jitster” label on iOS.

Welcome to the forum, @danielpettifer.

You can change that label in your entire installation by changing “DEFAULT_REMOTE_DISPLAY_NAME” in interface_config.js.

Thanks @Freddie, have tried that but the changes only show on the web version, and not on iOS. Will give it another shot

@Freddie Which services need to be restarted after making that change?

Hmm…mm that’s weird. I’m not on my server now, but I can try to check later. I believe it worked for me. You can try to restart all services, just in case:

sudo systemctl restart jitsi-videobridge2 prosody jicofo

No luck for us unfortunately. Will keep searching. Thank you for the quick response!