Change Dropbox API

Hey guys!

We use Jitsi on our platform Lightwave.

We have a hard time to find a solution to change the API to dropbox: There is a record feature.

(Pic) After selecting it there is a pop up to connect with an own dropbox account. We want to change it!

How it should be: We want that all recordings goes to one logged dropbox account automatically, that no pop up has to come more to connect with an own dropbox account.

We don’t find the part in the code how to change it.

If somebody know how we would be very thankful to share it with us.

Thank you for your efforts.


All the code handling mobile and web for Dropbox is here:

I’m not sure you can do that in the web client, as it uses the Dropbox API which requires a popup for entering the credentials and I doubt you can skip that as it seems a security problem to me, to be able to skip it and pre-fill it and I suppose the API is already taking measures about that.
What you can do is disable dropbox recording and just use Recording Service … it will again use jibri and you need to implement dropbox uploading to the same account in jibri finalize script. This is generally the hook for implementing custom recording/uploading logic …

Thank you! Do you know how to implement a jibri video recording upload to firebase storage?

Nope. If you can do it in a shell script, then it is easy :slight_smile: Just setup the script here and make sure jibri has permissions to execute it.

Thank you for your help. I don’t know how to do it :confused: do you know a platform or people to ask who knows how to do it? Cheers Johannes