Change display name on 8x8 Meet

Live support for 8x8 Meet seems all but nonexistent.

Please pardon my asking here, but is there a way to change my display name? It shows my entire email address to all participants.


Is there a way to change this?

Click on the ellipsis towards the bottom-right to bring up the pop-up menu. From there, select “Settings”


Then in the pop-up box, click on the “Profile” tab and you can change your name and email from here. You don’t need to enter an email address and depending on the setup, may not need to enter a display name either, if you wish.

Screen Shot 2020-11-04 at 9.35.37 PM

Hi Freddie,

That tab is literally not there on 8x8. The only tabs present are Devices and More.

8x8 support has been less than helpful. They described to me a half dozen times over 90 minutes the process of changing the tenant URL, no matter how many times I told them that was not my issue.

At the end, they asked me to submit a screenshot and said they would get back to me tomorrow. I am not sure they will come back with anything helpful, if at all.

It is most perplexing that the paid 8x8 subscription seems to have less features. And, the moderator granting mechanism is cripplingly limited.

Edit to add:

Funny. It would seem that a guest user on 8x8 has access to the Profile tab, although the Calendar tab is still missing.

Are you the owner of the 8x8 subscription? Wondering if perhaps someone else instituted some access restrictions for guests. Also if you’re connecting through JWT tokens, things might be a bit different.

Are JWT tokens the OAuth-like login?

I am registered directly with my email (although it is a Gmail address). Yes, I am the owner of the 8x8 subscription.

JWT is a token format used by OAuth.

It could be that since your subscription is tied to your credentials (email), you’re not allowed to change it. The system needs to authenticate you to grant access to your plan. I’d imagine there should be an option to change your display properties though. Perhaps wait for support to get back to you later today?

I guess it is my only option at this point. Thank you, Freddie.

No problem at all. Let me know how it goes.