Change camera field of view

I have a web camera Logitech C925e. It works with Jitsi on firefox. However, I cannot change the resolution and the field of view as I can with other applications for Ubuntu such as Cheese.

How can I command the camera from Jitsi to change the FoV ? We are running our own jitsi server.

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As an individual participant, you can’t.

If you want to change zoom properties and resolution, you can try modifying the configuration file at /usr/share/jitsi-meet/interface_config.js.

Consider the following parameters in that file :

 // Determines how the video would fit the screen. 'both' would fit the whole                                              
// screen, 'height' would fit the original video height to the height of the                                              
// screen, 'width' would fit the original video width to the width of the                                                 
// screen respecting ratio.

LOCAL_THUMBNAIL_RATIO: 16 / 9, // 16:9

Also check in /etc/jitsi/meet/YOURDOMAIN-config.js, there may be other relevant parameters.