Change auto remove time for disconnected users (jitsi-meet)

Hey there everyone I have installed jitsi on my server and it’s working very well. There is one thing I need to ask that I have noticed while using jitsi is that how can we change the auto-remove timeout for users that have been disconnected.

As I have noticed in my today’s run the user that got disconnected were still showing in the room, just their tower turns into grey. The problem occurred because of this was that I was the moderator and I got disconnected and when I reconnected again I got a new profile and my old one was still connected with the moderator privileges.

Any kind of help is appreciated.
Thanks and Regards

Are you using or a custom installation?

I am using meet express install.
And I just realised the users who didn’t disconnected are still in room. As connection lost profiles with grey tower bar.

I’ve had the same issue. Restarting prosody temporarily fixes it.

The only way to properly fix it is to update to prosody 0.11, but you need to make some extra modifications to make it work.

Does updating prosody can break the jitsi web app? That’s why you said that we need to make some extra modifications?

If yes then kindly tell me about the modifications. I’ll do what I can.

And BTW I am using ubuntu 18. And cannot update prosody using apt-get command so I checked here.

I’m in the same position as Aakash, I need some help. If that is the solution, can it break or change everything else I have done?

I haven’t tried updating it myself on my production sever, but from reading other posts this might help:

Let me know how it goes

My problem got solved. All I did was purged everything and reinstalled again. And btw you can use FileZilla and connect through sftp and download the jitsi file this makes editing files easier. I did some changes in all.css and app.bundle.min.js so I downloaded using FTP client and reuploaded it again after jitsi installation. Now everything is working smoooooooothly :wink:

Have a look


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you custom installation of Jitsi Meet looks very nice, congrats!!!

one small comment (and especially important with the debates on Zoom privacy):
the site states “your conversation on Hind will always stay private with end-to-end encryption”.
This is not correct (unless you implemented it already yourself?), it is transport encryption (c2s/s2c), because real end-to-end encryption (e2ee) is currently implemented by developers:
already available using Chrome Canary with

Thanks for the this. I’ll make it correct.

What extra modifications?

Just reinstall the jitsi.

Hello Sir,
I installed the program on a custom basis, but there are currently re-disconnected users in the rooms
I changed the reload time to 1 second but the problem was not solved
Can you please advise what changes you have made to solve this problem