Change Authority of mute everyone,set password,kick out feature

How can i set authority of mute everyone,set password,kick out feature only for moderator.

With the authentication module of prosody. Simply put internal_plain and register your user with prosodyctl register user password

Yes i am doing it for host but need to set password for guest
and also want to that guest could not set password.

Did you check this thread already?

Yes i have done that.
Thanks for reply.

Just to be sure:

  • you registered guests on the guest domain with prosodyctl and not on the main domain?
  • guests need to authenticate when joining a meeting?
  • guests are still moderators (star symbol in thumbnail and are able to kick other participants)?

How can i restrict mute everyone and kick other for meeting initiator and guest ?
I mean only initiator can do kick out and (mute every one and anyone) and (unmute everyone and unmute any one). ?

Sorry for that it’s already done.
Thanks to all.