Certificate on jit.si expired

Just to let you know, seems pretty important… :wink:


This is a cache issue, try in incognito and check the cert again.

In incognito

Hum, I get the correct one in incognito.

But when using not in incognito you don’t have a warning, if you check the cert you see it as expired, right?

I deleted the cache and opened window in incognito.
Yes, the certificate expired on October 6, 2021 at 1pm (local time)

We found the issue, hold on. Working on it.

Can you test again, please? In incognito, what do you see …

Everything working correctly!
Thank you very much!

I got the same issue in my install. How is fixed?

I was only able to do a cache clean

If you have the correct certificate, you will see it in incognito. Deleting cache from the browser also fixes it.