Certificate generation: no question asked

Hi all,
In https://jitsi.github.io/handbook/docs/devops-guide/devops-guide-quickstart at the item ‘Install Jitsi Meet’ it is stated:

SSL/TLS certificate generation: You will be asked about SSL/TLS certificate generation.

However, I ran the installation procedures several times, and there’s never a question about certificate generation. My computer already has a valid certificate, and I’d like to use that one. Any suggestions about what to do?

Some additional info: I’m running Debian testing (bullseye) with completely up-to-date software, the computer has two DNS names, both of which have valid certificates, and between subsequent attempts I have completely removed the /etc/jitsi and /usr/share/ji* directories.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Purge your installation and start all over https://jitsi.org/qi#uninstall

Hi damencho,
thanks for your reply. But as you can read in my description I already did so, and several times. To no avail…