CentOS7, EC2, Docker setup: "There are no operational briges"

Hi all,

I have setup Jitsi Meet from the docker image on an EC2 instance. I can connect to the GUI and start a meeting on the public url I have specified, but once someone joins the connection fails with:

The WARNING log:

BridgeSelectir.selectBridge#179: There are no operational bridges.

The SEVERE log:

ParticipantInviteRunnable.doRun#218: Can not invite participant, no bridge available

From what I can tell the problem is pretty obvious, no video bridge so the streams cant be joined together. I assume something wrong with JVB? However Im confused because this is from the Jitsi Meet docker so I thought it would be alg to go?

Anyone have advice or experience solving this problem?


Check the JVB logs, is it connected to Prosody?

I can see in the Prosody logs:

warn A module has been configured that triggers external events
warn Implement this lib to trigger external events.

Im not sure what this actually means in the context of connecting prosody to jvb?

This is an old hook used for customizations to send speakestats to external service

Hi, I get the same problem after upgrading to docker-jitsi-meet-stable-8615 from docker-jitsi-meet-stable-8319.

Check the logs in the JVB container.

Looks like the JVB Container has a problem with finding the default TURN Server.
We are in a “corporate network” therefore the firewall blocks the access to the default servers.
The old JVB Version worked. It looks like it works after setting JVB_DISABLE_STUN=true but first I have to test it with more than myself in a video conference :smile: