Cdn google cloud platform


Good afternoon everyone,

I have three questions:

  1. Is it possible to improve the quality and stability of JITSI with a CDN?

If the answer is positive:

  1. Does anyone in the group know how to properly configure JITSI with the Google Cloud Platform CDN?

  2. Is this practice if they can become profitable and efficient?


With CDN you will only improve download time of the web code.
You can check, which is currently using aws cdn(s3) for the code.


You can recommend alternavitas in Google Cloud PLatform to help me have more stable jitsi and why not faster, he noticed that the call is stable, however for the users to have a good internet, constantly selling the message of Recognition, This is an attempt, but you want to configure or integrate something like the CDN that helps stabilize streaming or live streaming even more.


CDN has nothing to do with streaming. At least in the context of jitsi-meet.
CDN is normally geolocated, so watch this, maybe you want something like this: