Catch events on mobile

Hi, I’m trying to add a new feature to Jitsi, and I did on the web side of the application. I was using the broadcastEndpointMessage function to send a message from the local user to other remote users to change a conference attribute for everyone, I used to catch it in conference.js with the room.on(JitsiConferenceEvents.ENDPOINT_MESSAGE_RECEIVED…) but now when I started developping on Android, I realized it doesn’t use the conference.js and I didn’t find a way to catch the ENDPOINT_MESSAGE_RECEIVED on Android and thus change the value of the attribute for the other users. Could you please guide me if you have an idea? Thanks.

@emrah You were the one who helped last time with web dev. Do you have any idea how to do it in the mobile side? Thanks.

I have no idea on the mobile side