Cast Jitsi meetings to a TV

Greetings, Jitsi Community! and @saghul I am Sajen Sarvajith studying computer science engineering at Anna University in India. I’ve worked with the JS/TS, HTML/CSS, Python, React/React Native, and Docusaurus frameworks in the past. I took part in Google Season of Docs 2021 as part of the wechaty community and redesigned and implemented their complete site using React/TS from the ground up. I’ve also worked with backend frameworks, and I currently manage and maintain the wechay org website. I, too, am a member of the Wechaty community. I’d like to become a full-time contributor to Jitsi as well.

I am interested in working on “Cast Jitsi meeting to a TV”

I am planning to use Google Cast SDKs(react-native-google-cast, electron-chromcast)for this purpose and I am also working on other potential ideas to implement this feature(I will update it soon). This cast feature will be implemented to the entire Jisi Eco-System(web, desktop, mobile).

I’d want to receive some feedback from you on this project, such as whether there are any further features that need to be added that can be included in this project.

I am currently working on the draft proposal for this project and I will update you ASAP. Hoping to hear from you soon.

Thank you in advance.

Hey there!

Thanks for your interest in our projects!

All sounds good so far. You may need to check if those libaries support dynamic content casting. A meeting, unline a movie, is not a file on a server you can tell Google Cast to display, but a react time media stream.


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Hi, @saghul Thank you for responding. I checked with those libraries and the above-mentioned library actually wraps up the native Google Cast SDK for both Android and iOS, which is unified. It contains all of the components required for casting. It can also stream videos/audio to other devices which are dynamic content, allowing for real-time dynamic content casting. This library also includes a number of APIs that we can make use of.

Aside from that, we can experiment with the Google Native Casting SDK. But, for the most part, I believe this library will probably be sufficient, and we will be fine.

Thank you very much.

Sounds great!

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Hi, @saghul In a few days, I will submit my draft proposal for this project to the GSoC portal for review, and I am constantly working on it to make the proposal as detailed as possible.

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@saghul Hi I have submitted my proposal for the project “Cast Jitsi meeting to TV”, Kindly take a look at it, and hoping to hear from you.

Thank you.

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