Cast Jitsi meetings to a TV

Hi, I am a student at Anna University in India studying Computer Science. I ran through the documentation page and came to an end that the tech stack required for this project is react and javascript. I want to contribute to this project.

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i need help regarding this project. I am not sure how do i start this project

Did you check Jitsi handbook?

IMO you may start by installing a working Jitsi server and setting up a development environment

Thanks for the help. I am gonna check the handbook out

I went through the jitsi developer guide and came across this caution-
Building the apps / SDKs is not supported on Windows.

Does it mean I cannot set up a development environment on my Windows?

Correct. Building on windows is not officially supported.

If you search the forum, you’ll find mention that some have done so using WSL on windows but I personally have never tried so cannot comment further.

I have cloned the repository from Developer guide you recommend but I am having difficulty running the app.

You don’t have the make command.

I see you’re using Windows which as you already noted is not supported.

Creating a Linux virtual machine may be better if your desktop is a Windows box

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I am not sure how do I create Linux Virtual machine. But maybe a youtube tutorial may guide me :grinning: :smiley:

I am gonna install Virtual Linux Box on my Windows but I don’t really know much about React Native. Is it possible to contribute with only knowledge of JavaScript and React

Hello Akash, I am applying for GSoC too for jitsi organization, albeit for a different project but I would like to contribute to this one too.

Regarding your question, to set up the jitsi development environment use Ubuntu 20.04 or Debian 16.0

I appreciate your help.

BTW, which projects are you interested in?

No problem : ) .

I have specified the projects I am interested in my previous post

SWORD_ASH is there anyway we can connect?

sure here is my github and LinkedIn .