Capturing webcam through Browser Source in OBS Studio

Hi! First of all, congrats for Jitsi. It’s amazing!

I’m trying to capture 04 persons webcams using Jitsi into OBS Studio through “Browser Source”, but it asks to choose a name and join a meeting for each “Browser Source”. I don’t want to “be” in the conference for each participant. Like, if i want to stream a 4 persons conference (1 source for each person), i need to login 4 times, like Me1, Me2, Me3 and Me4?

Video of this method

Why “Browser Source”? Looks better and I have audio control inside OBS Studio, compared to traditional “Capture Window” with 4/5 Chrome tabs of Jitsi.

By the way, yesterday was my debut of streaming with Jitsi* and I loved it! I used to invite participants to Google Meets. VoD from yesterday.

*Used “Pop-out Jitsi Meet” Chrome Extension to help me separate these 4 webcams, but this way, I can’t use Jitsi Parameters to bring 1080p images.

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Don’t have an answer for your question, but wanted to comment on how incredibly clear your stream is (especially the videos of the other participants). I’m very impressed! :+1:t5:

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