Capturing packets in JVB


In file of JVB source, i have seen that

"The JVB can be configured to log all (or just some) of the incoming/outgoing
packets that it receives/sends. In order to capture all RTP/RTCP traffic, you
can setup logging like this:

Optionally, you can log the packets to a named pipe like this:

mkfifo ~/.sip-communicator/log/jitsi0.pcap"

But i don’t understand where to put these settings. Can anyone tell me in which file i need to add these settings to capture packet logs.?
Also in which log file, these packet logs are written?



You can place those settings in /etc/jitsi/jvb/


Hi Saghul

Thanks for your response. I have another question.

in which log file, these packet logs are written?


/var/log/jvb/?? somewhere in that directory, I can’t remember right now :-/


Thanks Saghul.

If rtp packet logging is enabled in production, will it cause any performance issue?


@gpolitis can probably provide a good answer :slight_smile:


it will cause severe degradation, you should/must never do that. packets will have to be written on disk and this will cause the internal queues of the bridge to go completely misbehave, you will not only observe packet loss and erratic jitter, the audio/video packet processing threads will progress in different rates and lip sync (of whatever video/audio packets reach the receiver) will be terrible


if your traffic is low, you may try to capture just the rtp headers and rtcp packets, but again i would strongly recommend against that