Capturing maximized window does not fill the entire video frame?

On Windows 10, I tried to capture a maximized window for YouTube live streaming. I found the captured window leaves spaces both at the right and at the bottom. A non-maximized window could fill the frame either horizontally or vertically so it might happen only with maximized windows.

Is there a way to live-stream a maximized window in full size? I tried both with Firefox and Chrome.

Can you give more context or maybe screenshot? You are trying to share your screen and at the same time livestream and you are using

I made this video and I was the only member at the room. I captured the window just to stream on YouTube.

On your end where you are sharing, go to settings enable follow-me and hide the filmstrip (click the small triangle bottom right) and jibri will follow you and will hide the filmstrip which will expand the window in the streaming.

Thank you. That solved my issue.