Capture Video frame while streaming in the server or UI for Image processing them in real time

How can we achieve to do Image processing on the video frames in real time. Is there way we can achieve this in jitsi app or any third party involvement to do it real time. Or where can I access the video frame?

As I was planning to use Jitsi Docker setup

Is it possible with the jitsi docker or will have to follow the advanced quick install on server.

JVB doesn’t have access to video frames as they pass through, because it doesn’t decode any of the video. It just forwards packets (selectively).

Most image processing is best done at the sender side, on the client, both for ease of implementation and also because of the better scaling characteristics – each sender will only ever have to process one stream (its own).

If you really need to get access to video frames on the server, you can look at Jibri (but it’s a “whole conference” view rather than individual streams) or gst-meet (which is at an alpha stage of development though).