Caprover Jitsi Deployment - How to Secure?

Hi - using the excellent caprover product to deploy my jitsi instance through their one click solution but its not secured. Have posted for help in caprover forum but was suggested to ask here.

It deploys automatically a number of apps:

video-web | video-prosody | video-jvp |

I use video-web to get the Jitsi front page.

Under these apps there are a number of configurations e.g. for video-web

What variables do I need to add to secure the installation?

Much appreciated.


Ping - any ideas or could someone point me to some docs? Txs

In the caprover settings for the jitsi-web app if you enable HTTPS and then Force HTTPS by redirecting all HTTP traffic to HTTPS and the jitsi-web app will be using HTTPS.

This might be the relevant documentation: