Capacity planning (450 users)

hi, we are thinking about rolling out jitsi for a primary school (18 classes with 25 pupils each), and are wondering about the server requirements (cpu, memory, bandwidth). my understanding so far is that bandwidth will be the main bottleneck.

  1. what server resources are needed for a session with 25 participants?
  2. how many of those sessions can be run in parallel on a single server with 1 gbit / 10 gbit bandwidth?
  3. which setup (number of servers, bandwidth) would you recommend, if we assume that at peak time everybody is online?

thanks in advance for any hints!


@tlossen I appreciate that this thread is now pretty old, but I wondered if you had any info you could report back concerning your experience? What did you end up going with?

in the end, we used a jitsi setup hosted by a local university … so i haven’t really got any numbers to share, sorry.