Can't Toggle Camera on Mobile after joining a Call


Thank you for this awesome product and an equally awesome community. My first post here and hope someone can please help.

I am a new user, running a self-hosted instance of Jitsi + Jibri. It works flawlessly on desktop. On a mobile (edit: Chrome browser on Samsung Galaxy series), however, I cannot toggle the camera button after joining a call.

The camera toggle works on a prejoin page for testing. So, if I choose camera-off on prejoin page, and I join the meet without video, tapping on the camera icon thereafter does nothing. Plus vice-versa - if camera is enabled in prejoin, I cannot tap the video icon to switch it off.

On a Samsung mobile that I am testing from, this behaviour is same for the public as well for my self-hosted Jitsi. I tried to get rid of the prejoin page but no joy.

Has anyone else seen this problem, is it a known bug, is there an easy solution to fix this, or is it just my device acting strange?

Appreciate your thoughts.

Kind regards,