Cant to join same meeting although clicking same url

Hi guys
My Topolgy consists of 1 jms and 4 jvbs.
I installed 2.0.5xx version.
Nowadays clients complain about joining problems as follows.
Lets say 5 participants are in the meeting by clicking the shared url, the other who clicks the same url joins a meeting inwhere looks like only one participant. As if it connects to another room.
Do you have kind of prroblem?

Does this problem happen to the same person all the time? If so, it might be a firewall problem on their end.

No, a lot of clients faced that problem.

Can you share your JVB and Jicofo logs?

jvb_gtepe.txt (858.9 KB)

Hi Freddie,
I uploaded the Jicofo and Jvb logs.
The Jvb logs are from my third video bridge. becuse the conf were in there.
the problem has been occured on the meeting named gtepe
**yeni.txt (255.1 KB) **

thank you.

@damencho you have any advices?
Because when I the search on the community I can see a lot of user have that problem.

So how many shards do you have?
Can you get browser logs from those not able to join?

just 1 shard inwhere 1 Master 4 JVBs.
I try to reproduce the problem but up to now it didnt.
Which logs should I consider while analyzing on the browser logs?

The developer console in the browser, the javascript logs.
Its interesting to see the console of those successfully connected and those that end it up alone.
Checking the jids of the room are those the same in the two logs, are there any errors on join, are there events for other joined participants … stuff like that

how to extract the jid from the logs?

Like that:

I cant see anything on console logs if I join the conf before opening the console. But the logs can be seen if I open the console before joining conference. So on the problem case I cant see any logs because open the console after joining. In order to collect logs I refresh the page, open the console logs but in this time the problem has been fixed (due to refresh) and I cant collect the logs for the problem.
What do you advice?

I can confirm what @damencho said.
I remember I had some issue where a JS error was triggered on the client that would end up being alone in the meeting. Actually, the client was not really connected to the conference.

display the console tab in Chrome and click the option button (the one for the console, not the general options). Check preserve logs. That should do what you want.

Have you fixed it?

hi again,
search on jvb.log I face as that line
is that regarding the issue I have?

ConnectivityCheckClient.processTimeout#860: timeout for pair: x.x.x.x:10000/udp/host -> x.x.x.x:57908/udp/host (stream-ce0a0d73.RTP), failing.