Can't terminate in platform ios mobile forced quit app from background

I have got a problem
Test case.

  1. Join a meeting room
  2. Forced quit the app
  3. Open the app again. The user previous is still in a room meeting.
  4. In android it works well. But IOS has an issue
    Some one can help me fix this issue? Thank you so much.

Is this the official Jitsi mobile app?
Are you joining a meeting at

Yes. I tried to install the app in the app store. And the official app and GitHub - jitsi/jitsi-meet: Jitsi Meet - Secure, Simple and Scalable Video Conferences that you use as a standalone app or embed in your web application.. I has got a same issue

When you roce quit the app we have a very limited time window to do anything. We try to leave the meeting gracefully but it doesn’t always work.

The ghost participant will disappear after ~60 seconds since it might have been a transient error.

how to decrease the timeout when I force quit. Or can you give me a solution to fix it in ios?

It’s fixed in Bosh, but if you’re running xmpp websockets, you can change the time. Be careful though, because the timeout period is there to help reconnection if there’s a transient drop in connectivity (such as when switching from wifi to data and vice versa).

is it different bosh timeout with xmpp websocket time?
im using both bosh and websocket. but i only applied timeout limit in bosh.
do i have to additional timeout config for websocket?

is it jitsi meet version in bosh you have fixed?

There are two websockets - colibri (bridge) websockets and xmmpp websockets. I’m talking about the latter - xmpp websockets. You use either bosh or xmpp websockets for xmpp connections. Bosh has a set 60sec interval, you can’t change that. But xmpp websocket allows you to change the interval. So you would first need to configure your deployment to use xmpp websockets (Bosh is the default).