Can't specify a custom kernel for Jibri - grub crashes

On all of the tutorials to setup a Jibri instance for recording, the main part is you need
to switch to a generic kernel in particular linux-image-extra-virtual - jibri/ at master · jitsi/jibri · GitHub

I have found that I can launch an AWS EC2 instance, but can’t follow that guide to install a generic kernel.

After doing sudo apt install linux-image-extra-virtual, then trying to change my /etc/default/grub to use the new kernel, the entire instance will not boot anymore on AWS.

To pick the right kernel, I would grab the menu text from /boot/grub/grub.cfg , and put that in as the GRUB_DEFAULT. Then I would run sudo update-grub , and then put in what it suggests I put in there instead. So for example I would have something like:


Trying to restart at this point results in a broken server (docs could probably suggest restarting early to avoid losing changes down the track)

If it helps, I’ve been trying this a few times on an T3.small (low res recording works fine), with an Ubuntu 20.04 selected as the base image.

The strange part - this used to be possible earlier this year - and I have one jibri instance working this way! But at some point, it appears new instances can’t do it anymore.

sudo su -l
apt-get update
apt-get install linux-image-generic
apt-get purge "linux-image*aws*"

# Abort kernel removal?
#    No

sudo su -l
modprobe snd-aloop
lsmod | grep aloop
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