Can't share audio when use Chrome browser!

On, the problem is can’t scroll to the bottom to click buttons when browser height is not enough.

The menu scrolls just fine here in chrome on a small height of the browser.

On my end, I have to use the "CTRL - " so I can see the Continue button and the “Don’t show this dialog again” checkbox, my Chrome version is Version 111.0.5563.111 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Can you share a screenshot?

Yes, here it is

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ah… I can repro the issue.

You can dismiss that modal by pressing “Enter”, but indeed it is not ideal on small browser window.

Created a PR with the fix


The fix is in master now

I can confirm this is now addressed in alpha – The continue/cancel button is always visible on smaller window and the contents of the dialog is scrollable.

Thank you very much everyone