Can't setup jitsi server in windwos subsystem for linux

Hi, I am new in jitsi facing some issues while setting up jitsi in my own machine.After downloading the git project and npm install, I gave

make dev

but it shows some errors.

rm -fr libs
mkdir -p libs
./node_modules/.bin/sass css/main.scss css/all.bundle.css && \
./node_modules/.bin/cleancss --skip-rebase css/all.bundle.css > css/all.css ; \
rm css/all.bundle.css
./node_modules/.bin/sass: 11: exec: node: not found
rm: cannot remove 'css/all.bundle.css': No such file or directory
make: *** [Makefile:94: deploy-css] Error 1 

You can’t build Jitsi on Windows, you need a linux environment.

for that I enable wsl(windows subsystem for linux).

It’s a compatibility layer, I don’t believe it’d work. You need an actual server distro.