Can't set a Password for Meetings


I rent a vServer and installed my own Jitsi-Server. It works quiet well, but I can’t set a password for the meetings, because I can’t find where to set.
I found, that it should be inside an Meeting behind the Information-Icon, but where in some Screenshots, ther is an “Add Passwort”-Button, on my Server, there is only a Copy-Button tho copy the Link to the Clipboard.

I performed a Quick.Install like documented in the GitHub-Wiki. Have I missed something?

Thanks for your help in advance.

The first to join is the moderator and is the only one that can set the password.

Ok, sounds simple. But to test it, I created a new Meeting, where I was the only participant and I still couldn’t set a Password.
I created a complete new Meeting with a Random Name (mixed Letters) because I didn’t find out, when a Meeting is ended on the server and how to check, which meetings are currently open (I Ended a Meeting “test” with a Friend, and half an Hour later, when I needed a new “test”-Meeting, It appears in the list with the notice, that it is running sins 40 Minutes).
So I could make sure to create an entire new meeting and be the first and only Member. But I still couldn’t set a Password :frowning:

Sorry, I do not know anything about the password problem (it’s running fine on my server), but it is normal that rooms you’ve already closed are still being displayed by your browser. The room names are stored locally. Just delete the cookies etc.

Thank you for the Information. I would like to ask a little bit more in this direction, but I don’t want to mess up this post with “cross-questions” so I will create a new thread for this Question.

For this Thread, it stays the question, what have I messed up, so that I can’t set a password for a meeting, even if I am the first and only one in the meeting (and so should be the moderator for this meeting).
Is there something, that I could configure on the server to change the behaviour of the software at this point?

Did you setup secure domain ?
if not, do you have .lockRoomGuestEnabled set to true ?

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That’s it.
It was no part of the Quick Install, so I didn’t set it during the installation.
Now I found the parameter in the “/etc/jitsi/meet/domain-config.js” and set it to “true”.

And whoosh, I can set a password for the Meeting.

Thank you :upside_down_face:

I just saw, I forgot one answer.
No I haven’t set up Secure Domain. I read about it somewhere but didn’t find an Instruction.
But I didn’t searched very intense.
Could you tell me, where I could find one, or tell me, how to setup?

See section “Secure domain” on this page:

Good video to this subject:

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Thank you.
I will try it tomorrow :slight_smile: