Can't Save Password on my URL link in Jitsi Meet

I am using Jitsi Meet. I decided to add a password to my meeting link for better security, so I went to “more actions”, then “security options”, and put in a password. So far so good.

However, it won’t save the password for future use.

Next time I go to my URL link to start a meeting, there is no password showing. And when I open “more actions”, then “security options”, then “password” it says “none”. And gives me the option to add a password again.

What am I doing wrong?


This is expected behavior. When everybody leaves the room, it’s destroyed and it is no more the same room.

Emrah -

I want to invite people to a future meeting at a scheduled time and give them not only my URL link but also a password to access the meeting in order to increase security.

How do I do that then?


Secure domain setup may help.

Also I’m working on a platform to manage scheduled meetings and secure access. You may check it:


Thanks - but this surely is a flaw. And needs to be FIXED

What’s the point of offering security settings for password, if it can’t be saved for access to subsequent meetings.


This is by design for anonymous systems like you can learn more about it at: Jitsi Meet Security & Privacy | Jitsi

If you want to have a preserved meeting with pre-set password you can have one when you athenticate, for that you can subscribe and use where you have a better control as authenticated user.



Thanks for the reply.