Can't recording(jitsi, jibri)

Is it different from Can't recording(jitsi, meet, jibri) - #2 by Prashanth ?

Actually I don’t know jitsi and jibri very well. I am a beginner.
But meet is working well and I configured all settings well.

could you give the files rather than an image?

it’s located at


Sorry for late reply.
Here is my jvb.log file. Will wait for your kindly response.

jvb.log (3.9 MB)


By the way, how can I get two display names like “P4”, “JD” … when I don’t have avatar?


You need your Jibri log - /var/log/jitsi/jibri/log.0.txt.

But also, can you share your Jibri.conf?

jibri.txt (1.8 KB)

Here is my jibri.conf file.

Looks fine.
Where’s your jibri log?

Here is my log file. I just tested the recording.
log.0.txt (1012.6 KB)


What’s the output of the following:

ls -l /srv

What do you mean? Are you asking where is my recording folder path?

recording folders are creating with metadata.json but .mp4 file is not.

By the way, can we meet on skype, I think It’s more comfortable with us.
live:.cid.311c485d1d73469 It’s mine.

There is not a working Jitsi system if the link which is in the logs, is the actual one

Thanks for kindly response. Actually I don’t know jitsi and jibri very well.
So please explain about your post more detail.


@Paul425 No, type that command in your terminal and share the output


That’s not the command.

ls -l /srv


What are those other files? How did they get there?


How did you install Jitsi and Jibri? What guides did you follow?

The files are original files.