Can't record side by side, interview style calls anymore

I did this successfully this fall, back in October, I could have a call with another person, so two people use the side by side view and record it and the recording showed both people just as I saw them on my screen, side by side.

However, now when I am using Jitsi for this same purpose, and I see the call side by side, it does not record that way, it flips back and forth between the participants, whoever is talking has the whole screen and whoever is not talking is tiny in the corner.

I am wondering if there is a way to record a Jitsi video call with the two participants side by side, the same as I see them on my screen. I would prefer to not have to use any additional software, as Jitsi used to do this just by clicking record.

To clarify, this is using Jitsi through the web, in the Chrome Browser and the other participant is using an iPhone through the Jitsi App. I don’t want to live stream this anywhere, I want to be able to record it, save it, and edit it before I upload it anywhere.

Thank you kindly,

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You need to enable “follow me” in settings, so recording is done in the view you display on your screen (as the host). So when you switch to tile view (side-by-side view), your recording will also reflect that. Check out this guide for more information - Comprehensive Jitsi User Guide

Thank you, though once I start recording the person on the other end looses video on their end. I wonder if their internet is too slow or something? Do you know why they would lose video only? The audio comes through fine still.

I’m assuming this is on If so, yes it could be some connectivity problems on their end - particularly since audio remains undisturbed.

Yes, it is on the other end did make some connectivity adjustments and we had no issues going forward, thank you very much for your help!