Can't record my conference


I am trying to set up recording at meet dot cfsys dot ru but it’s not working.
I followed and double checked the manual at
Here is a pack of logs:

Please help.

I don’t doubt that you double checked it, but did you follow it up to installing an Ubuntu 16.04 LTS ? somehow I doubt it :-). I would not blame you if you did not. You will find a gazillion posts on this forum of people installing the thing on newer distros and discovering to their dismay that Jibri does not work with Java 11. So try again after replacing Java 11 by Java 8. And yes, some Jitsi developers are not keen on updating docs.

Thank you for your reply.
Okay I removed Java 11 and installed Java 8 but the problem persists.

Chrome not starting. I am googling to fix that.

Running this command from the command line
google-chrome --headless --no-sandbox --use-fake-ui-for-media-stream --start-maximized --kiosk --enabled --enable-logging --vmodule=*=3 --disable-infobars --alsa-output-device=plug:amix --screenshot=/recordings/out2.png
results in extra participant in my conference. No screenshot is saved.
But recording is not working. Here is my log from jibri:

Any ideas guys?