Can't login as host after jibri installation

Hi, I installed jibri on my jitsi meet server and since then I am not able to login as host. There is no error like wrong password, or something else. It’s just obtaining session ID and gets back to “I am the host” login screen. I cannot login as host. I created a new user and tried logging in, still the problem persists. Can you help me figure out the problem? Thank you.

did you follow the nice manual ? There are 6 steps, if you miss one you will fail.

Thanks for quick reply. I followed the manual, still the same problem. ı had no issue logging as host before I installed jibri, now there is this problem. When I enter the correct username and password, it’S obtaining session ID and does not login, stays in the “I am the host” login screen. And interestingly, when I reload the page, I am able to enter the call, but as a guest, not as a host.

Yes but in doing so you did not remove any of the configuration steps added for secure domain ? the Jibri config says to ‘edit’ file, but you have to add the needed values to the existing section of the Prosody config file, not create a new one, and to add to the Jicofo config file existing values, not remove them.

I didn’t remove anything, I only followed the manual and did exactly everything there. I have been checking all the lines since the morning and everything seems just fine. It just needs to work. I don’t understand why this problem occurs. I mean why I can’t login as host and when I reload the page how I can join the call as a guest when there is no host? It’s just so weird. What do you think it could be because of? The ram on my server is only 1 Gb, do you think it might be because of this?

I don’t think that running Jibri with 1 GB of Ram is possible (it basically amounts to 1 Chrome browser + 1 X server + 1 Java program + ffmpeg doing encoding, all of this running at the same time).
Even without Jitsi it seems way too much to run reliably if at all. If you search the forum a bit, there is at least this post advising for 8 Gb Ram for a dedicated Jibri server.

Then, how can I uninstall jibri? I want to remove jibri and be able to host a meeting again, hopefully. because I cannot host a meeting right now. After that I will get a better server and install back again.

sudo apt purge jibri ?


You have to upgrade the java version to 11 or 14 and try again