Can't kick dial in or invited participants?

I know I touched on this before but I still need to find a solution.
When participants dial into the conference from asterisk they are given moderator rights and cannot be kicked out.
While this doesn’t seem to be a deal breaker but this could be a problem if an invited participant goes to voice mail or if the dialed in callers are troublesome.
In both scenario’s we’d like to be able to kick them out but because they have moderator rights they cannot be kicked.

I’ll need to do some more testing with another user to check but it also appears that mod is given to app users as well but it may just be me because I am the only one testing this.

I don’t believe the allmod plugin is active.

I think I see the issue… I had set jigasi to perform an authentcated login, but to get it to work I have to use a moderator users login.

Unfortunately, when I comment org.jitsi.jitsi.xmpp.acc.USER_ID= and org.jitsi.jitsi.xmpp.acc.PASS= and set org.jitsi.jitsi.xmpp.acc.ANONYMOUS_AUTH=true the dial in callers never make it into the conference and the call just rings and rings…

saw this in the jitagi logs?
org.jivesoftware.smack.SmackException: No supported and enabled SASL Mechanism provided by server. Server announced mechanisms: [PLAIN, SCRAM-SHA-1, DIGEST-MD5]. Registered SASL mechanisms with Smack: [SASL Mech: GSSAPI, Prio: 100, SASL Mech: SCRAM-SHA-1-PLUS, Prio: 100, SASL Mech: SCRAM-SHA-1, Prio: 110, SASL Mech: DIGEST-MD5, Prio: 200, SASL Mech: CRAM-MD5, Prio: 300, SASL Mech: PLAIN, Prio: 400, SASL Mech: X-OAUTH2, Prio: 410, SASL Mech: EXTERNAL, Prio: 500, SASL Mech: ANONYMOUS, Prio: 500]. Enabled SASL mechanisms for this connection: [ANONYMOUS]. Blacklisted SASL mechanisms: [SCRAM-SHA-1-PLUS].


Activate all moderators, I’m not sure why you think it is not active? It is running on

You are understanding my issue, yes?

set org.jitsi.jitsi.xmpp.acc.ANONYMOUS_AUTH=true causes callers to continually ring
whereas, configureing the USER_ID and PASS to a valid user ends up entering the conference room but applies moderator to each caller.

I guess I’m just trying to chase down why anonymous isn’t working.
I checked in prosody.cfg.lua for anything referencing the allmoderators plug-in. nothing listed matching that…mod_muc_allowners.lua?

Your suggestions and guidance is absolutely appreciated .

This is not configured by default. It should be configured in prosody and the patch about the kick to be applied.

Ok, I have added it to prosody. I’ll look into how to apply the patch now,
Thanks! I’ll let you know how it works.

Patch doesn’t work with prosody so I installed prosody-trunk.
Patch applied successfully, but then there are session errors.
I did try the first attempt by answering N to the prosody.cfg.lua replacement and then again by allowing the installer to make a new one and then I made sure to put my Component “” and component_secret = “password”
back in, but something is failing now that we are running prosody-trunk either way.
Rolled back to my good snapshot. not sure where to go from here.

which prosody-trunk 747?

Installed from the repo… I didn’t ask for a specific version.
I’ll have to make another attempt t get the version number or unless I can request a specific release.

I’ve installed prosody-trunk 747 and applied the patch to muc.lib.lua…
I can now kick out troublesome callers and invites that drop into voicemail.
It looks like the latest version makes some changes that breaks functionality so 747 is the trick.

Thanks again bud… I’ll have more questions soon, I’m sure.