Can't host more than 2 users in VPC


I have a brand new EC2 in a VPC using the quick install and have forwarded the ports in the security group as follows

I have also added the private an public IP’s of my instance into the sip.communicator-properties as indicated in the AWS Dashboard

I can have 2 participants using P2P without issue but when a third joins I get no connections for audio or video. All i get is the avatars. In the config file, if I turn P2P off I cannot get 2 participants to work which leads me to believe it is the JVB. I have tried browser to browser as well as using an electron package as a client.

The issue that i see when i connect the third participant in the Chrome Console is
[modules/xmpp/strophe.jingle.js] <a.value>: invalid session id ​

I have read dozens of similar posts that lead to people getting it to work due to ports but I think i have the covered. Any comments would be really appreciated

I can also supplied detailed logs but cant upload attachments as I’m a new user

EDIT: I have just spun up and older instance that is a Classic network group. This has all the correct ports opened as well. This instance is working great. So it would seem to definitely have to do with NAT and the VPC. I’m not sure why the added lines to the sip.communicator-properties don’t work for me. Any info would be great.